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    As transport users, most of us appreciate that fossil fuel resources are finite and are rapidly being depleted. We’re also increasingly aware of the continuing impact of our use of fossil fuels on the environment. We welcome the emergence of electric bicycles on our city streets as a timely contribution to securing a sustainable future.
    However, most e-bikes are rather primitive machines, comprising no more than a hub motor and a frame-mounted battery cell. The development of these power-assisted models has focused on their functionality rather than on design, maximum range or manoeuvrability. As a result, they offer a little of everything without truly fulfilling any specific requirement. For the most part, they do what they were designed to do – taking their riders from A to B – which is fine for some, but not for others.
    We set out to redefine the market. We’ve challenged every element of what has come before. The result is the M55 Terminus – a hybrid e-bike that sets ticks every box for sustainability, endurance, effortless power and thrilling design.

    Unmatched power and endurance

    To increase range and performance, we’ve developed brushless electric motors driven by super-efficient batteries that deliver raw power and unbeatable endurance. The M55 Terminus is powered by eight battery cells ingeniously built into the bike’s self-supporting frame. The cells outperform any comparable e-bike technology currently available and are made to last – the M55’s motor draws only 60A at full power and our specialist manufacturer guarantees over 90% of ‘as new’ performance even after 1,000 charge and discharge cycles. All this from a battery pack that charges to 80% of its capacity in just one hour –saving you time while conserving precious energy.

    Hi-tech materials and engineering for the ultimate in agility

    Titanium, carbon fibre and CNC-machined aluminium give our machines the strength to tackle the toughest terrain. And we’ve taken suspension and braking technologies from F1 racing to produce the ultimate in ride quality and off-road safety

    A thrilling eco-design icon

    The M55 Terminus rewrites the rules for e-bikes, the ultimate in engineering excellence and hybrid performance has stunning aesthetic appeal. Our muscular, futuristic design consciously aims to turn heads and quicken the pulse of every discerning enthusiast.
  • What is an e-bike? An e-bike, or electric bicycle is a special breed of bicycles that uses electric power to support human power. Electric bicycles are equipped with rechargeable batteries, and electric motors - usually hub motors which are mounted on either the rear or front wheel. 

    What is a hybrid bike or hybrid electric bicycle?
    It is a subgroup of e-bikes that are also equipped with an electric motor. The main difference between traditional electric bicycles and hybrid electric bikes, is that the latter one’s electric motor only works while the rider is pedaling, thereby it supports the human effort rather than replacing it. On traditional electric bicycles the electric assist is not combined with the pedaling, it works a separate source of power. The Terminus has a sensor built into the bicycle which monitors the rider’s pedaling, and always provides the appropriate amount of extra power. With this system, the cycling experience is not ruined but made much easier, faster and a lot more fun.

    How much does the maintenance of our bike cost?
    Not much at all. You don’t have to fill it with petrol and all parts are extremely durable. all you need to cover is the cost of electricity used for charging the battery. 

    Will I have to do a lot of maintenance work?
    As the complex parts of our electric bikes are integrated and protected, they require even less maintenance than a regular mountain-bike. 

    For how long does the battery last?
    The batteries can last up to over 100 kilometers (62 miles) in Economy mode. If you use full throttle in Sport mode, you can go as far as 50 kilometers. 

    When can I buy it?
    The M55 Terminus is available for purchase now. And there will be only 275 pieces manufactured. Ever. In case we do not have an official distributor in your country, we can still take your order. We will even take care of the shipping for you, and provide it for free anywhere in the world.
    Do I need a driver’s license?
    No, you don’t. However, the bike’s motors will need to be regulated according to the local laws. In case you would still like to take advantage of the full power of the motor (up to 2000W) we can provide you with a TriXtick deregulator.

    What’s a TriXtick deregulator? 
    The TriXtick deregulator is a key which, when inserted in the bike’s frame cancels all street-legal settings. Please note that the Terminus is not intended to be used on public roads with the TriXtick used. They may only be used on private roads.

    Can the Terminus cope with steep slopes? 
    Yes. We are mountain-bikers and we have tested the Terminus on really steep ascents. We can proudly confirm that you can easily conquer steeper climbs with this bike than with a regular mountain-bike. 

    What kind of terrains can the Terminus be used on?
    The Terminus is designed for off-road use but of course you can use it on paved surfaces as well.

    Do I have to wear a helmet while riding the M55 bikes?
    Helmet is not compulsory but due to the high speed our bikes are capable of, we strongly recommend to wear head-protection!

    Is it difficult to learn to ride these bikes?
    No, it’s not. If you can ride a regular bike, you’ll get used to the Terminus in 10 minutes.

    I’m 70. Can I use it as well?
    Yes, you can. The hybrid technology helps you ride a bicycle as if you were a professional cycler...or even faster. 

    What is the top speed of the Terminus?
    The top speed of the Terminus is 50 mph (80 kmh) on a flat road. With this officially recorded performance it is currently the fastest electric bicycle with Pedelec technology.

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